Thursday, September 1, 2011

Butterfly Gardening Tips

When planning the design of your garden it is worth noting that a totally open garden is not the ideal habitat for butterflies. These delicate creatures benefit from the protection, from the weather, offered by trees and shrubs. Even an area of rocks or a low rock outcropping can provide welcome shelter during periods of harsh weather.

Butterfly gardening requires a little more thought when deciding upon which plants to include in your garden design. A butterfly feeds on nectar and most flowers are abundant in it but some are more suitable than others. Often butterfly gardening requires you to settle on a number of compromises, butterflies prefer native wildflowers and many plants which we often consider weeds. While there are plenty of trees and shrubs, such as the butterfly bush, the willow tree and wild cherry trees, which look wonderful in any garden there are some plants that we would rather do without.

Some of the best plants for use in butterfly gardening are nettles and thistles which are perfect places for the laying of eggs and the development of caterpillars. Nettles are very fast growing and are able to withstand the ravages of a mass of hungry caterpillars. Furthermore chrysalis formed within a small area of nettles and thistles will be somewhat protected by the plants themselves. However we may want to have such plants in a hidden area of your garden in a place in which they can not become too invasive.

Butterfly gardening is something which can be enjoyed by all of the family and will be of interest to all ages. Remember to keep all aspects of your garden green (such as avoiding pesticides) and you should find that year upon year the number of butterflies in your garden will increase.

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